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Talk on scientific career – Travel hopefully and enjoy the scenery: our scientific journey


Speaker:Lily Jan, Ph.D & Yuh-Nung Jan, Ph.D

Time:13:00 - 14:45

Dr. Yuh-Nung Jan (詹裕農) and Dr. Lily Jan (葉公杼) are both professors in UCSF (加州大学旧金山分校) and have been investigators in HHMI (霍华德休斯医学研究所) for more than 30 years. Both of them were elected as members in National Academy of Sciences (美国科学院院士) and American Academy of Arts and Sciences (美国艺术与科学学院院士), with many other honors and awards, for their extraordinary contributions to studies on ion channels and neural development.

They studied physics as undergraduates in Taiwan National University and went to Caltech for graduate study, where they switched to biology. They established their own lab in UCSF in 1979 and made many important discoveries in neural development and ion channels studies such as identification of first known K+ channel. Meanwhile, more than 100 former students and postdocs from Jan lab are mow leading their own research groups, including some well-known Chinese scientists, like Dr. Yi Rao (饶毅), Dr. Liqun Luo (骆利群) and the list goes on.

In this talk, Dr. Li and Yuh-Nung Jan will share their scientific career with us and talk about how serendipity, mentors and colleagues influenced their scientific path.