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Journal Club | 3D Genome and Gene Regulation


Speaker:Shuo Cao (曹铄) Yimin Jian (简依敏) Liyuan Zhu (朱理源) Ziqi Dong (董梓琪) Yichen Wang (王依琛)


Gene expression is precisely regulated in a complicated but elegant way. One key problem in the gene regulation field is how enhancers meet the right but sometimes faraway promoters, and how the specificity is achieved. Emerging evidence shows that the chromatin can form "loops" of different scales to ensure the correct and specific interaction between promoters and enhancers. The errors in "loops" formation might lead to gene dysregulation and diseases as a consequence. In this Journal Club, we are going to discuss how people come to realize the existence of these "loops" with the help of fancy techniques like Chromosome Conformation Capture and etc., the recent finding in this field, and the relationship between "loops" and diseases.

Guest information:

1. Dr. Xiong Ji (PKU)

2. Dr. Cheng Li (PKU, CBI)

Recommend Literatures:


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